The first book from comedy company Hilarity Ensues, No Secret, is a parody of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret as well as a humorous satire of The Law of Attraction and other self-help books.

The self-help sensation, The Secret, heralded on television by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres has seen both its DVD and printed version top the bestseller charts for months. In addition to the thousands of people who claim that The Secret has helped them to lose weight, gain wealth and possessions, get promotions and turn their life around, nearly the same number of people have decried it as a hoax, scam and fraud. To comedy company Hilarity Ensues, however, it is something funny and they have spoofed these same new age theories in the newly released No Secret (ISBN-10: 097860637X, ISBN-13: 9780978606374).

The Law of Attraction, the idea behind The Secret, maintains that a person can have anyone or anything that they desire by visualizing the person or item that they wish for. The object is then attracted by these thoughts and the universe brings the item to you. This idea extends to weight loss, relationships, employment, money, parking spaces, a promotion or anything else you might desire.

In No Secret, Hilarity Ensues takes the ideas behind The Secret and Law of Attraction and continues them to their exaggerated and often illogical conclusions with hilarious results. In examples and anecdotes directly paralleling those that appear in the original as well as parodies of the other secret authors such as Bob Proctor, No Secret addresses both the concerns of The Secret’s staunchest critics as well as giving fans of the book and DVD plenty to laugh along with.

In place of mysterious parchment style cover of The Secret, reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code, No Secret looks as though it is wrapped in cardboard with a large ketchup splat taking the place of the characteristic wax seal of the bestseller and tape and coffee stains on the cover adding a humorous twist on the epic style of the original in the tradition of classic parodies like Bored of the Rings (the bestselling parody of The Lord of the Rings).

No Secret: a parody of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne from Hilarity Ensues is available now and can be found at Amazon as well as direct from the publisher at Hilarity Ensues, an imprint of Priced Nostalgia Press (

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