Since even before the book was released, Amazon had been offering a staggering discount on Summer Hayes’s My Little Pony G3 Collector’s Inventory (staggering because they were somehow selling it for less than the wholesale price). We at PN scratched our heads over this and decided it was either some massive clerical error on their part where they just hadn’t realized it yet or that they had some sort of secret deal with someone that we weren’t privy to.

As we feared, however, they seems to have either corrected their error or simply changed their minds because they are now charging the full $32.99 for this book. On the plus side, however, that $32.99 includes free shipping so it’s actually only a few cents more than what you would have paid for the book at the discounted price plus shipping.

But if you had been hoping to snag a copy for less than retail, never fear! Priced Nostalgia is still happy to offer this title direct from our eBay store and, we have it on good authority, it’s a little cheaper than retail over there. Want to save even more? The more books you buy, the less shipping you pay per book. Get a couple copies to give to friends as holiday gifts or trade with other collectors.

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