Priced Nostalgia is pleased to be the only store on eBay offering this exclusive item which is the ideal stocking stuffer or holiday gift for the My Little Pony collector in your life. But we only have a very limited supply so please make sure that you take advantage now before we run out.

Witches from the Volcano of Gloom getting you down? Tired of people kidnapping your friends to make them dragons to pull the chariot of darkness? Does it seem like every time you try to put on a costume party you end up enslaved and forced to make bushweed potion? Worry no more!

The perfect stocking stuffer for the distinguishing My Little Pony fan or collector this holiday season is this adorable heart necklace styled after Megan’s Rainbow of Light heart locket from the MLP movies and television show. With a secure locking clasp on the end of the silver chain, this large (just under 2 inches inches wide!) plastic heart necklace is a fashionable, yet subtle way to show your love for everyone’s favorite Hasbro toy.

Purchase your Rainbow of Light necklace here while supplies last.

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