One sports writer for the Daily Lobo in New Mexico thinks that the boys of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a perfect metaphor for the NFC East:

Donatello best represents the New York Football Giants: the smart one. Donatello is always making the right choice and at the right time – much like the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII run last February. He is the least violent one but can be dangerous when overlooked – kind of like that blank gaze Eli Manning gives after every single play.

Michelangelo represents the Washington Redskins: easy-going. Michelangelo is laid back and gives us TMNT fans some humor, much like the Washington Redskins. Clinton Portis delivers his crazy alter-ego news conferences; Antwaan Randle El offers his great introduction voice during prime time games; and, finally, owner Bill Snyder spins the coaching carousel over the last decade (the Redskins have had five – yes five – coaches since 2000).

Leonardo symbolizes the Philadelphia Eagles: the leader of the four. Leonardo is strong, courageous and decisive, much like the Eagles have been since 1999 under Andy Reid. Eagles quarterback Donovan
McNabb can be compared to Leonardo, too, after his performance in Monday night’s loss to Dallas. McNabb led his team and played great. However, Leonardo would also butt heads with our last turtle, Raphael.

Raphael represents the Dallas Cowboys: the social outcast of the group. Raphael is extremely aggressive and the most dangerous turtle. He also was well-known for his rivalry with Leonardo, which is kind of like the Philly-Dallas rivalry and the ongoing battle of words between Terrell Owens (am I the only one who notices that T.O. can stand for turnover, too?) and McNabb since Owens’ departure from the “City of Brotherly Love” in 2006.

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What do you think? Right on or really stretching it?