Keen eyed My Little Pony collectors have noticed that Summer Hayes’ newest book, The My Little Pony 2007-2008 Collector’s Inventory, is already listed on Amazon for purchase but has the perplexing message, “Usually ships within 1 to 2 months.”

After speaking to Amazon, they indicated that this message was a default one and that, for orders placed for the book today, they should ship, at the latest, two weeks from today, likely sooner. So if you are eager to get this book, placing an order today is no different than doing a pre-order for it. You can place your order now and they will ship the book once it is in stock.

For those of you that prefer to purchase directly from Priced Nostalgia, we will unfortunately not have copies of this title in stock again for proximately 3 weeks. While we do hope to be able to restock sooner than that and will certainly post an update once we have them in stock, if you are in a rush to get this item, we do encourage ordering from Amazon directly as they will have copies before us this time out.

You can order your copy of this great new title here: