Whether you were a Beatles fan from log ago or if you are a recent fan, you’ll want to take a look at our eBay Store today were there is a British Invasion unlike anything we’ve ever hosted.

Even if you don’t have the cash to do any bidding, we have large detailed scans of every single individual card (front and back) of a several near complete sets of Beatles trading cards from the 1960s. With a little over 160 cards spanning 4 different sets (including color cards and cards from the movie, A Hard Day’s Night) any Beatles fan will get a smile on their face looking through these classic photos. Even better, many of the cards have trivia or other fun tidbits on their backs. We’ve provided photos large enough for you to read the content on the back of the cards so you may find yourself browsing many happy hours reading the trivia, quotes and fun facts or just looking at the great vintage pictures, many of which you may never have seen before.

Now, of course, if you decide that you want to buy any of these cards, you’ll be amazed at how cheap they are. Low, low shipping and all auctions starting at under $1 with no reserve. It’s a great chance to complete (or start) a collection at a low cost. Even if you were to buy every single card we have up, the cost of shipping would only be a few dollars more than the cost of a single card and low quantities of cards often ship for the same price as a single card so the more you buy, the more you save on shipping.

Whether you want to browse or buy, we invite you to take a look at all of our Beatles items here.