Any TMNT fan worth their salt remembers their partnership with Pizza Hut, but did you rock out to the live rock tour that Pizza Hut Sponsored?

Do any of these track names ring a bell?

  1. “Coming Out of Our Shells!”
  2. “Sing About It”
  3. “Tubin'”
  4. “Skipping Stones”
  5. “Pizza Power”
  6. “Walk Straight”
  7. “No Treaties”
  8. “Cowabunga”
  9. “April Ballad”
  10. “Count on Us”

If you can remember the tune or lyrics of any of the songs above you are definitely a TMNT fanatic! Our own Hillary DePiano could not only sing a verse of Walk Straight off the top of her head but also hummed a good bit of Coming Out of Our Shells convincing us that she may have issues. She claims her brother listened to this album all the time so it’s just second hand exposure but we just aren’t buying it.

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