In one corner we have Hugh Jackman, handsome Australian movie star, action hero and Broadway actor.

In the other corner, we have pastel My Little Pony toys.

Not related at all, right? Until this week, I would have agreed.

Submitted for your approval:

Exhibit A:

Paparazzi photos on Just Jared of Hugh Jackman pumpkin picking with his kids show him carrying around a handful of So-Soft My Little Pony toys

Exhibit B:

After I sent out the first picture above on Twitter, @Steves_Minty pointed out that this custom pony, The Pony from Oz (inspired by Hugh Jackman in the Boy from Oz, ‘natch) autographed by the man himself. (You can see more great photos of the autograph, the awesome pony and the Hugh Jackman here.)

Exibit C:

After I posted the two links above, another MLP fan reminded me of this picture that made the rounds of the internet a few weeks ago (one place that has it is GeekyTattoos but it is everywhere). It is a tattoo of Wolverine riding a My Little Pony. An isolated incident, I thought at the time. But as a part of the larger picture? Hmmm…

What is it about Hugh Jackman that draws him again and again to the mythical world of My Little Pony? Is it because awesome things in the universe naturally gravitate towards each other?

Share your theories and other Hugh Jackman/MLP crossovers below.

(You’ll be happy to know that Hugh is thinking in a font called “Broadway” above. I find that appropriate.)