I admit it is an unhealthy habit of mine, but I love energy drinks. With that being said I was extremely excited to learn about Ghostbuster themed energy drinks. To be honest this is not new news and tons of information and pictures can be found about this with a simple Google search. The original Ghostbuster’s energy drink that came out close to a year ago is called “Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink”; as described on filmjunk.com.  It is 8.4 FL OZ making it about the size and strength of an original Red Bull. Also, in the beginning of the summer another Ghostbusters energy drink came out, this time called “Slimed!” and features Slimer on the can. Although the name has changed, the size and flavor of the drink has not. They will also continue to sell the drink under both titles for collectible reasons I’m sure. Again, there is no shortage of information about the Slimed energy drink, but I read up about it at ghostbustersnews.com.  This one reminds me of the gown up version of Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler. Don’t remember Ecto Cooler? Check out an old school commercial featured on retrojunk.com.

I haven’t tried the Ghostbusters energy drink, but I look forward to doing so some day!