The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Play-set;  I absolutely loved this toy. I was very happy to stumble upon the ad at, otherwise I would have never thought to look this up randomly. I’m torn over which truly holds the number one play-set position in my heart; because Mattel’s He-Man Castle Gray Skull play-set and the Ghostbusters Fire House play-set were amazingly awesome too. I think I liked the play-sets so much because I felt like they made the adventures I’d send my actions figures on official. They had their home turf to return to and it gave them street cred.  But anyway, seeing the commercial brought back nostalgic feelings of being youthfully marketed to and it was fun to watch it again so check it out here if you’d like. Also, this this commercial was posted as part of the site’s “Turtle Week” so they seem to be big Turtle advocates so keep them in mind.

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