I read a post by John Babos off the Comics Nexus that discussed what classic voice over actors from the original show will be invited back  to play their original characters in a new Thundercats series being produced by Warner Bors. This post mainly cleared up some cofusion on a rumor that the orginal voice of Lion-o, Larry Kenney, would not be included in the production of the new show. This is in fact untrue.  Larry Kenney will not be playing Lion-o, but will still be part of the show playing the voice of Lion-o’s father, King Claudus.

I am glad to hear the original voice over actor will still be part of the show. Unlike with live actors, I love how animated characters are truly timeless. The biggest challenge an iconic cartoon character faces is one day having a slightly different voice. Whenever the opportunity arises to have the same original voice play a beloved character I feel it should always be capitalized on.

On a side note, I didn’t even realize a new Thundercats cartoon was coming out. By my count this will be the third animated series carrying the Thundercats name, offering the same characters and the same general plot. If Warner Bros. is picking up the bill I’m sure we will see this pop up on Cartoon Network’s afternoon or evening prime-time spots soon.  I hope this rendition of the show is a better effort than the last remake. The last remake was good, but it simply tried to reproduce the show with modern animation. To make it actually work, I hope they modernize the character’s personalities a bit and create episode scenarios more relevant to modern times.

If you’d like to check the post out go here.