I read on Aol News that an action figured based on Showtime’s Dexter is causing controversy amongst parents. They feel the toy is inappropriate considering the character is featured in a show intended for adult audiences and is, well, a serial killer. I’m not going to lie, I feel like this is pretty straight forward. This is an adult themed toy depicting a very violent character from an adult show. I do not believe the toy has any place in Toys R Us next to Iron Man and Jack Sparrow action figures, but I think this Dexter toy would be great in comic and collectors shops; even places like Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic. The issue isn’t whether a toy like this should be made or not, but rather who they market it to. If they are selling this toy in Toys R Us obviously they have kids younger than the intended audience of the show in mind and I do not believe that is right.  Of course, as always it is ultimately up to the parents. If they are doing their job technically their kid should have no idea who Dexter is having never seen the show. If they are begging you for a Dexter action figure in the store, I think you have a bigger problem of figuring out how they love the character so much in the first place. Anyway, the news link is here if you’d like to see it.