I know this is not really related to action figures or any form of media we usually discuss here, but while I was searching for Ghostbusters news headlines I came across this article on Businessinsider.com showing off how chicken nuggets are made. One of the users on the site, russell1820, commented that it looks like the pink slime from the Ghostbusters II movie and I couldn’t agree more! First of all, how disgusting does that picture look?! Nothing like a nice meaty paste to entice one’s apatite! While we are on the topic Ghostbusters II was never my favorite movie. I feel the original cast works so well together that of course the movie was entertaining, but compared to the perfect blend of suspense, action, and comedic timing of the first Ghostbusters movie I feel they are a league apart. With that being said I am very excited to see the upcoming Ghostbusters III because no matter what the plot is like the characters and actors who play them are great so it should be a nostalgic ride of goodness if nothing else. If you would like to check out the article you can here.