If you are a fan of The Muppets or Jim Henson, then Henson.com‘s Jim’s Red Book blog is a must read. It’s a recreation of Jim’s personal notebook and is an amazing look into the inner life of Jim Henson as well as the backstage world of The Muppets.

A few days ago, the journal entry from Jim Henson centered around Croonchy Stars, the short lived Muppet breakfast cereal that debuted in 1988. The Red Book entry includes information about how this project came to be and also showed some handwritten notes Jim Henson himself did on the project which are very cool and worth a look. (Seeing him hand write fake Swedish is amazing!) You can read that entry in its entirety here.

As a Muppet fan, I read that entry with interest and then didn’t give it much thought until a strange coincidence occurred today. The local community college, CCM (County College of Morris), frequently sends us junk mail and when I got their latest brochure I went to recycle it when it fell open and something caught my eye.

Let me show you (click to see full size):

It’s an interview with a CCM faculty member named Stephen H. Longo who is the Coordinator for their Graphic Design program. The profile specifically covers the work Longo has done throughout his career with designs for many food products and corporate logos. So, why did this catch my eye? Let’s take a closer look at the photo of Longo with some of the products he designed:

Still not seeing it? Let me make a little more obvious.

Longo is the designer for the very Swedish Chef cereal the recent Henson entry was about! While I suppose this could have been some kind of intentional plan, the two content sources are so far removed that I have to think its pure coincidence which is one of those wonderful little things that make life interesting.

So, please, feel free to click on the article above to read more about the interesting man behind a Muppet fan’s favorite cereal box design!