• Whatever Happened?
    A few years ago my friend, Mary, and I went to see the My Little Pony Live stage show. We had a great time despite the fact that we were quite possibly the only attendees that did not have a child under the age of 6 in tow.The other day, I found myself randomly wondering what happened to the costumes used in the show. I know Hasbro has the giant Pinkie Pie costume in house because they brought it out at both the 2008 and 2009 My Little Pony Fairs for photo opportunities. The funny thing about the Pinkie costume is that the back legs used to “float” behind the pony but when I last saw it in 2009 they had attached wheels to the back legs since they had started to sag and drag behind.

    So, we know what happened to Pinkie, but what about Thistle Whistle? Where the heck did Rarity and Minty go? Are they sitting in some warehouse or someone’s basement somewhere, or were they sold off after the MLP Live show ended? I think they are adorable and it is a shame that they have simply vanished.

    For those who may have completely missed out on My Little Pony Live and have no idea what I’m talking about, or those who want to relive the stage show it is available on DVD.

    My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party

  • Fashion Style Ponies!
    I still haven’t found any of the new Friendship is Magic products in my area aside from the promotional gift pack. I may have to put in an order online for the new Fashion Style Applejack and Rarity. They’re much larger than the regular sized figures, but since I’m in love with all versions of Applejack, I’m sure I’ll at the very least add her to my collection.My Little Pony Fashion Style Applejack My Little Pony Fashion Style Rarity

  • Happy December!
    It is hard to believe that it is already December and Christmas is just a few short weeks away. We finally had some cold weather and some snow so at least it feels a bit more wintry than the bizarre 70 degree weather we had in November. Normally, I’m on the ball with my Christmas shopping and holiday decorating, but this year I’m behind schedule.My husband and I already have two of our Christmas trees up (one with our Hallmark ornaments and the other filled with his Star Wars ornaments) and I’m planning on putting up a third tree this week filled with my collection of My Little Pony ornaments. I have the purple licenced My Little Pony Christmas tree, but I’m thinking that I may have to spring for a bigger tree to fit all of the pony ornaments. If you happen to know of a place that sells a purple or pink pre-lit tree that stands around 4ft. let me know.

    I recently picked up this new style Pinkie Pie ornament at Target and I missed out on this Sweetie Belle ornament by Kurt Adler in stores but recently bought one on Ebay.

    I also picked up some adorable pony wrapping paper at Toys R Us and you can be sure that everyone on my gift list will be receiving their gifts wrapped in festive holiday pony print regardless of age and gender. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!