Here’s a few tiny nuggets that I wanted to make sure you saw:

  • RT @hillarydepiano:
    If you diss My Little Pony in our hearing, we WILL come for you! (seen on
  • Some people put pot in their brownies, others My Little Pony…
  • Lots of fun custom My Little Pony: Lady Gaga (from Telephone video),
    Marilyn Monroe, Mad Hatter, Elvis, Jack Sparrow
  • Hasbro (and My Little Pony) get a little greener & more
    environmentally friendly
  • Part of Summer Hayes’ My Little Pony collection was on display in the The
    Good. The Bad. The Cuddly. collection
  • Thundercats Lion-o Custom My Little Pony
  • Look who’s the #1 “badass” cartoon villain on this list Must resist urge to
    correct My Little Pony errors like geek!
  • “The Neo Futurists will perform by staging a version of the movie My
    Little Pony as part of their Bad Movie Film Fest.” (Needless to say, we are offended.)
  • My Little Pony soldering gun unicorn
    Now that’s what I call a mod!