Nick and More, a large fan site for children’s television recently ran a poll of all their readers asking them to pick the best new show out of the 41 shows that debuted in 2010. Guess who they picked?

OK, you may have seen that coming… 😉

I still haven’t seen a single episode of the show yet but I’ve heard lots of good things.

If you haven’t seen an episode yet either, there are lots of new options for watching:

  • For the month of January only, you can see episodes in select movie theatres on the big screen. Check for local theatres showing it near you on the Kidtoons website.
  • In the USA, the show is airing on the new network The Hub. Even if you don’t get the channel, you can watch select episodes on their website.
  • Are you in Canada? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic just started airing on Treehouse a few days ago!
  • Turner Broadcasting will carry episodes of My Little Pony on Cartoon
    Network, Boomerang & Cartoonito starting Summer 2011 in some countries

Are there any other places the show is currently airing that I missed?

For those of you that have seen the show, what do you think?