I’m supposed to post a quickies at least twice a month and I am so bad at remembering! I set myself a reminder so hopefully these’ll be more regular from now on. But that’s why you’re getting two back to back like this.

Anyway, where were we?

  • A tribute to My Little Pony will be unlockable in upcoming iPhone game Minotron: 2112  http://j.mp/h3Cb2e
  • Article on how vintage toys (like My Little Pony) are a good investment http://j.mp/ib2RPc
  • Time names My Little Pony one of the top 100 greatest toys of all time (as they should!) http://j.mp/fSg8di
  • Print your own MLP Valentine’s Day Cards from the official My Little Pony website http://j.mp/4HIxc5
  • “Brony”: (noun) A bro, who watches My Little Pony
  • Pressing Question: Which DC characters would best wield the Elements of Harmony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?http://j.mp/ekJhc0
  • See the My Little Pony McDonalds commercial in high qualityhttp://is.gd/ZmsTDg
  • Have you found MLP toys in your area? Is your local McDonalds already sold out? Post here so others know where to look! http://is.gd/n1ufyD
  • My Little Pony comes in #8 on @screenjunkies list of the 10 Best 80s Cartoons http://is.gd/TawJOR
  • Have ponies to sell? Looking to buy? Feel free to post sales or want ads on our Facebook page!

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