Guys, there is something on the My Little Pony Wikipedia page that is causing some wide-spread confusion. It lists the ponies from Friendship is Magic as being the fourth generation of My Little Pony (G4) and that info is spreading all over. But it’s wrong. They are still third generation (G3).

Generations of any toy refer to the years of production, not the design. Yes, FiM ponies look different but that is actually completely irrelevant to what generation they are in. A new generation starts when the toy company ceases production for a significant amount of time and then relaunches the brand. This applies to all collectibles, it’s not something specific to MLP. The fact that most G3 ponies are still in production (such as So-Soft, Newborn Cuties, Ponyville, etc) should have been the big hint that we didn’t switch generations. Until Hasbro completely ceases production on all MLP items for a few years and then completely reboots the entire line, we are still on the third generation, especially since most G3 items are still in production. G3 and G4 can’t overlap, that’s impossible. A logo change and molded hair does not a new generation make.

Let me put it this way. Let’s say, like whoever wrote that note on Wikipedia thinks, the generation changed every time the style of the ponies changed. Well, then wouldn’t a new generation have started with each new set with a new look, such as Flutter Ponies or Sea Ponies? By that logic, wouldn’t Petite Ponies, Dream Beauties, So Soft Newborns and Ponyville each been their own private generation? We’d be on generation 25 or something if we just allocated generations with that loose logic. Hasbro has only rebooted the brand twice which means we are still on the third generation.

I’m not a Wikipedia editor so I can’t fix the note that causing all this confusion but I’m hoping this post will make the people who are spreading this incorrect info take pause and realize that what they are saying doesn’t make sense. I’m also hoping that informed collectors will start speaking up and clearing up this confusion before it gets out of hand.

Let’s spread sense.