From this article:

The plot reminds me of a My Little Pony movie I saw as a kid. No, seriously — there’s this stuff called the sleg (not sure on spelling) that people drink to gain power and instead become evil. In the My Little Pony movie, it was called the Smoo and it did pretty much the same thing only power is pretty and evil is more like selfish.

Smoo? When did anyone at any point drink anything and become evil? For that matter, when did anyone become powerful when they got pretty? I mean, a little splash of the Smooze fell on Gusty and Bright Eyes but that just really made them a little grumpy (and made Gusty sound even more like Bart Simpson than usual :-)) but it certainly didn’t give them a look upgrade. It was more like pessimism than anything approaching evil.

I’d actually kinda like to see the version of this movie that exists in his imagination, it sounds a bit more hardcore than the real thing. Instead of droplets of the stuff making you slightly grumpy, we would have had ponies chugging the stuff frat boy style and becoming evil and (still not clear on this part) more beautiful…? I don’t know.

But I kinda want to play that video game he was reviewing because I love Lucy Lawless. 🙂 And I suppose the fact that he remembers even a distorted version of the movie is to be commended.

I don’t know, guys, should we give him partial credit? 😉