MLP: FiM has become a real fan favorite for pony enthusiasts but is also reaching a wider audience beyond pony fandom. In what I’m hoping is a new trend or meme, there have been two fantastic video mash-ups recently taking footage from Friendship is Magic but combining it with much more hardcore audio. Give them both a watch, you won’t regret it. 😉

First up, is The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria which has the audio from the Skyrim trailer.

(Thanks to The Escapist for the heads up on this one!)

Next up is one called PonyCraft which mashes the audio from StarCraft II’s cinematic launch trailer and clips from 17 different episodes of FiM. But what makes it even more epic is that they took the time to actual sync all the audio up with the clips so the ponies’ mouths actually match the lines they’ve been given to say. Some really amazing work on this one.

(Thanks to GamrFeed for letting us know about this video.)

So, now that you’ve watched them both, I have to ask… which one was your favorite?