Appropriately enough, just as our contest for a 2010 Comic Con pony comes to an end, the 2011 Comic Con Pony has been revealed

This was a very popular contest and you folks kicked its butt!

We numbered the correct answers 1 through 54 in the order they came in and then let pick a random number between 1 and 54 and they picked 9. The 9th correct entry to come in was… (doo doo doo!)

Stephanie Mcphie!


I’ve already sent an email to Stephanie so she can claim her prize. If for any reason Stephanie cannot claim the prize, we’ll pick another winner from the pool of 100% correcters. 

This contest was a ton of fun and we definately plan to do more in the future. We had a Photoshop contest planned for this month but since there’s the T-shirt contest going on at WeLoveFine right now, we figured we’d hold that until later. 

So, what were the answers?



June Blossom

Windy Wisp
* wearing Rarity’s star wand

*= If you wrote Windy Whisp, I also counted it because I’m nice. 🙂

How’d you do? 

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