Trix (cereal)

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His hobbies include trying (and failing) to dupe small children into giving him Trix cereal to sooth his crippling sugar addiction. The Trix Rabbit probably hears people condescendingly saying, “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids” to him in his nightmares.

He’s not the sharpest tack in the box but when you consider that he hasn’t given up on his quest for a taste of Trix since he was introduced in 1959, you have to admire that kind of tenacity.

One thing that has been bothering me since I was a little kid, however, is this: Who gave him the initial taste of cereal? Has he ever even had it before? How does he even know he’d like it?

I kinda want to see him taste them and decide he prefers Cheerios or something.