I don’t remember if I ever specifically said that I’d be attending before but I wanted to take this moment to confirm that, yes, I will indeed be at the My Little Pony Convention this weekend. If we’ve never met in person before, you can see what I actually look like on my Facebook page.

I’m going to manning the booth for Priced Nostalgia and selling books for Summer Hayes so she can run around and organize the event and be all official. We (my poor long suffering husband and I) will also be selling ponies. Ridiculous, massive quantities of ponies. 

See, what I’ve learned from past years is that there will be lots of people who will be selling nice, clean rare ponies at high prices. PN doesn’t have anything rare or fancy to offer this year so we’ve decided to go the complete opposite direction. This year, it’s all about quantity, baby! We’re bringing huge boxes full of random ponies from all three generations. We haven’t cleaned them, we haven’t sorted them and we’ll be offering bulk prices and discounts based on how many you buy. Really good stuff will be mixed in with more common ponies and baits and everything will be the exact same prices. We’re hoping to appeal to the pony fans who want to go home with some ponies but don’t want to have to spend a bundle while also giving you the good, old fashioned thrill of the hunt! But make sure you get to our booth early to grab the best stuff from our bargain bins before the other eagle eyed collectors beat you to it. 

If you took a look at the Schedule of Events for the weekend, you may have noticed an event at 3 PM on Saturday called My Little Pony Marketplaces Presentation and been like, what? That presentation is actually from me and talks about ways to sell your ponies online beyond eBay and message boards. If you want more info about that presentation or have specific requests, you should check out this thread in the convention forum

Can’t wait to see you guys there! 🙂