It seems like you guys can’t get enough FiM shirts so I wanted to highlight these very cool shirts from designer Rachael Thomas. All her shirts are available in adult sizes that should fit male or female fans and the sizes go up to 3X so there’s something for everypony!

Shop her store here.

Rainbow Dash Airways by Rachael ThomasTwilight SparklePinkie PieFluttershyApplejackRarityCelestia: The Tale of the Sun Horse by Rachael ThomasLuna: The Tale of the Moon Horse by Rachael ThomasMonochrome Dash by Rachael ThomasNew Lunar Republic: Eternal Night by Rachael ThomasRunning of the Leaves by Rachael ThomasChocolate Rain by Pinkie Pie by Rachael ThomasVinyl Undergound by Rachael Thomas
Which one is your favorite?