Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal Premiums

From: The Ralston-Purina Company 

First Introduced in 1989

When introduced, this cereal was described on the box as “Crunchy, sweetened Ninja Nets with Ninja Turtle Marshmallows.” Pizza-shaped marshmallows were added later.  The cereal had many free premium gimmicks like “Color Change Cup” in which you had to “Add Cold Drink to Discover Ninja Turtles Identity”, “Free I.D. Wallet”, “Hologram T-Shirt”, and even the famous turtle cereal bowls. There was even a contest for a chance to win a “Complete Set of Ninja Turtle Toys.”  While the “Ninja Net” cereal wasn’t available in most of Canada, there was another TMNT themed cereal. The cereal was in the shape of the Turtles’ heads, and tasted like a less-sweet version of Froot Loops.