• A Little Crazy About G1 Ponywear
    It is no secret that my favorite My Little Pony generation is G1. While I practice “All Generation Appreciation” and actively collect from all generations, G1 will always be number one. I’m sure it is due to a mix of nostalgia as well as the thrill of never reaching the end. If I finish one part of my collection, I can simply change my collecting focus.

    I’ve been spending some time organizing my accessories and Ponywear lately and I may be going a bit overboard in my attempt to organize. You may remember back in January when I posted about my wondrous labeler and how it is amazing and how much I love it. Anyway, I used said labeler with my Ponywear collection and I’m loving the results. It has inspired me to finish my Greek Ponywear collection just so I can make more labels (I think this may or may not be a sign of a problem). Regardless, check out some pictures of my organizational madness:

    In this photo you can see the sets divided into plastic sleeves. If the outfit has shoes or other plastic pieces that could possibly leach color onto the fabrics, those items are placed in a smaller baggie inside the larger plastic sleeve and then each outfit is labeled by set name and individual outfit name. Each set has it’s own drawer (which is of course labeled.)

    Here is a photo of all three plastic drawer units. I haven’t finished sorting my Euro Ponywear yet(hence the two unlabeled drawers in the unit on the right.)

     I purchased these drawers at Walmart last fall for around $10 each and then all three drawer units fit perfectly inside a storage shelf that I purchased at Target. The storage shelves were on clearance and I think I paid about $6 each for them.

    This shelf is basically the same as the shelf unit I bought, but a little pricier since the exact shelf units that I have are discontinued.

    These are the same plastic drawers I purchased (a little cheaper than what I paid.)

    You can also use your handy dandy copy of The My Little Pony G1 Collector’s Inventory to identify and check off your Ponywear pieces. 🙂

    I challenge you to dig out your Ponywear and accessories and get organized and then list your extras on Ebay so myself and the other accessory addicts can buy them!