• Planning, Packing, and Playing!

    I’ve been a little light on posting this week due to lots of really awesome My Little Pony Fair planning stuff that is going on behind the scenes. I can’t wait to share the newest developments with all of you!

    I’m also packing for this weekend’s Maryland Pony Meet event. I’ll be there selling and signing copies of all of my book titles and no doubt finding something new to add to my collection. I had a chance to go through my accessory stash over the weekend and I found a slew of extras that will be up for grabs including Big Brother brushes, Prom Sister frills, and Baby necklaces galore. I can’t wait to see some familiar faces, meet new pony fans, and talk ponies.

    Speaking of packing, I’m kind of in love with this cute Bow-Tie suitcase. If only Hasbro had made it in standard luggage size, then I wouldn’t need my boring navy luggage.