In all the My Little Pony specials of the 1980s, the ponies had three human allies.

These siblings were:

  • Megan, the oldest and most famous MLP human
  • Danny, the middle child, rarely seen without his “B” hat (Seriously, he even sleeps in it.)
  • Molly, the baby of the family

Megan was released as a doll multiple times and was packaged with Sundance, So Soft Sundance and Twice-As-Fancy Sundance. (She’s nothing if not consistent.) Little sister Molly was also released as a doll packaged with, you guessed it, Baby Sundance.

But poor Danny has never been made into a toy or doll of any kind. If Hasbro’s looking for an idea for a cool limited edition item, a Danny doll would be a great choice, especially with all the new male fans.

Because, as we all know…

Would you like to finally be able to own a Danny of your very own?