• My Little Pony Performance Art
    Dennis Verbeke, who studies fine arts at Gerrit Reitveld
    University  in Amsterdam, has created a
    performance art  piece that he calls “Pony
    Performance.” It includes an original soundtrack, special lighting design, and
    212 My Little Pony toys.  He sits on a
    lighted platform surrounded by the ponies and gingerly picks them up, examines
    them, and brushes their rainbow colored locks with a tiny star shaped brush.

    At this point, I feel it necessary to add that I know little
    to nothing of performance art other than every time I have experienced it, it
    makes me feel utterly confused. I’m never sure how I should react.  Should I read into it to discover its deeper
    hidden truths or should I giggle at its absurdity?…( I usually remove myself
    from its proximity as soon as possible lest the giggling wins out and I look
    like a judgmental ass.)  

    So I’m watching this clip of “Pony Performance” trying to
    keep an open mind and I’m wondering, “Should
    I ponder the greater meaning of the pony selection?
    ” and “Does the direction and frequency of the brushing
    of the pony hair actually have some significance
    ?”  I continue to watch the full four minute clip
    and am kind of impressed by the thought and effort that went into this piece.
    Upon reading a few of Mr. Verbeke’s blog entries it becomes evident that he did
    not amass a sizable collection for use solely in his performance, but that his
    performance was instead inspired by his collection.
    If I told you I understood what was at the heart of “Pony
    Performance” I’d be lying, but I do think it is pretty great that this artist
    was able to create something out of something he loves.
    Dennis Verbeke is raising money through a crowd fundraising website to help cover his costs to perform his “Pony Performance” in August
    2012 in Stockholm.