• A Little Funrise Love!
    Lately, I’ve been going on about the recently available licensed My Little Pony Plush Ponies, but haven’t yet given a shout to Funrise. Their rep, Stephanie, attended the My Little Pony Fair in July and brought with her lots of really great pieces with her to show off to the collectors. Many of these items won’t be released until November, but we got a special sneak peek!

    In this photo, you can see Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, a Giant Spike and others!

    Look! Cutie Mark Crusaders and special light up laying ponies- they work as a nightlight and project stars and shapes onto your ceiling!

    A closer view of the Light Up Plush Ponies, Cutie Mark Crusaders… DJ Pon3 and Princess Twilight Sparkle!

    I spy a Trixie Lulamoon and Cheerilee among the other awesome plush ponies. I hope that all of these prototypes make it into production. So Pretty! I’m still waiting (somewhat) patiently for my Walmart stores to stock the 10″ Applejack and Octavia. They are really cute and need to join my plush pony collection. I am also still missing the Applejack mini plush and hope that I come across one soon!

    Funrise was awesome to work with while coordinating the MY LITTLE PONY Fair. Not only did they bring all of these great products to share with the attendees, they also donated mini plush ponies for the Celebration Dinner Goody Bags and a GIANT basket of overflowing with plush ponies for the game player raffle. The Funrise Plush Ponies can be found at Walmart  stores and at Toys R Us stores.

    I also featured their 2013 product line in my newest book, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory Guide. Their hair is a unique design that almost looks like fabric streamers. I enjoy this detail because it reminds me of the Rag Doll Plush Ponies from the G3 product line and kind of gives them a homespun feel. I can imagine the ponies themselves carrying one around as their favorite plush.