Party Pony Glitter and Glam Necklace by Found and Fabulous
I’ve been collecting My Little Ponies for as long as I can remember. I’ve never stopped adding new items to my collection whether it be a fancy foreign exclusive pony or a tiny aqua colored flower brush. Years ago, I would scour flea markets and log into Ebay and be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of possible purchases. There were usually several items that I desperately wanted, and would have to narrow it down to a few favorite pieces on which to place a bid.

Now, the story is quite different. While I still enjoy going to the occasional flea market, I am no longer looking for collection pieces, but rather for items another collector may need. When I enter “My Little Pony” in the search box of Ebay, I may be lucky to end up with 4 or 5 items on my watch list out of the thousands listed. Of those 4 or 5, chances are that the ending price of each item will hit a triple digit price tag.

I have an awesome collection and part of the fun is sitting back and admiring it, but the other part is the thrill of the hunt and sadly, that doesn’t happen too often anymore. Sure, I can still find things that I don’t own, but it isn’t nearly as fun when you have to lay down three hundred dollars or more to get that awesome collecting high that used to cost you ten bucks. I splurge from time to time, but the purchases are farther and farther between.

To compensate for my lack of involvement in the act of collecting, I’ve thrown myself into other aspects of the My Little Pony Community including writing five My Little Pony Collector Inventory Guides, and coordinating the longest running My Little Pony Convention in the world, The MY LITTLE PONY Fair, with the help of the awesome marketing team at Hasbro.

Somehow, both of those outlets, while fun, can sometimes become a bit tedious and I find myself looking for other ways to unwind and relax while still surrounding myself with my passion for PONY. The result: designing My Little Pony and retro game inspired jewelry pieces. I started making a few pieces during my downtime (which I had very little of) last spring. I gave my first few pieces away to friends and kept a few for myself to don while at various Pony events. Since then, I’ve been adding additional pieces to my inventory and have finally decided to open an Etsy Shop to showcase my jewelry and perhaps, other repurposed and upcycled items in the future.

Here are two designs that are on their way to my friends at Aurora Gifts, the makers of those adorable My Little Pony Plush that I keep going on and on about. I was requested to make a design featuring Rarity and one featuring Rainbow Dash and I think they both turned out really cute!

In addition to these sparkly chunky necklaces featuring G4 characters, I’ve also made a few charm bracelets that are more nostalgic featuring G1 Ponies:

It has been really fun putting these pieces together and searching out just the right bead or clasp to complete a design. If you have a spare minute and want to see what else I’ve created, you are welcome to visit my brand new Etsy Shop: Found and Fabulous. Even if I don’t make any sales from your visit, I like watching the page stats. It makes me happy to know that other people at least get to see what I’ve been spending my spare “Pony Time” doing and maybe it will inspire them to create something special.
Cheers Pony Fans!