• Baby, It’s (Getting) Cold Outside… and other animated MLP Adventures!
    Colder weather and shorter days are on the way for us in the northern hemisphere. So while “Pony Meet Season” may be on hiatus, there are still plenty of other ways to celebrate all things MLP from the comfort of your own warm home.

    My tip for today: Catch up on your Pony viewing. Depending on your preference of Pony Generation, there are a variety of options to watch while curling up in your vintage MLP sleeping bag. My favorite collection is this one of the G1 specials and cartoon series, but sadly, it is currently out of print. If you didn’t grab the box set in 2004, don’t fear. You can still see many of the original G1 episodes on DVD compilations that are bargain priced.

    If G1 isn’t your thing there are also some G3 options available and or course a slew of G4 Friendship Is Magic titles. Unfortunately, if you are a G2 fan you are out of luck as there weren’t any specials of series to accompany this generation.

    And… if you’re still not clear on the whole Equestria Girls phenomenon, you can watch this:

    So grab a cup of warm apple cider, give a plush Pony a hug and let the animated awesomeness begin! I’d love to hear what your favorite Pony episodes are and why, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.