gen 1 ponies

gen 1 ponies (Photo credit: ✄♥Ladyfroufrou♥★SparkleSparkle!☆★)

I ran into the mother of an elementary school friend over the weekend at a production of my play. She’d seen my name on the posters and wasn’t sure if there was more than one Hillary DePiano in the world and had her son, my elementary school friend’s little brother, Google me to help her figure out if it was actually me or not. He Googled me and found out that I wrote for this site and that was all the confirmation he needed.

“My Little Pony! It has to be her,” he told his mother. “They were always playing with those ponies and they would never ever let me play with them!”

I just though this was hilarious. This man has to be almost in his 30s and he’s still bitter about the fact that we didn’t let him play ponies with us. I hope he knows that I didn’t let my brother play with them either so it was nothing personal.

Hopefully he’s become a brony now and has all the ponies that he could ever want with no one to tell him he can’t play with them.

Was there anyone in your childhood that wasn’t pony worthy?

11/26 Edited to add: Apparently I need to clarify because people think I’m mocking this guy even though I wrote above how we did the same with my brother and how I legitimately hope he’s part of the brony movement so no one will mock him for loving ponies but I understand everyone reads things their own way so let me just spell it out as clear as possible: No, I am not mocking that he likes ponies. How you could even think that I’m doing that when I do nothing but celebrate fans of MLP from every generation is confusing but who knows. Posted this because I was laughing at the fact that, of the billions of times I played with him and his sister over many years, us not letting him play My Little Pony with us, which has to have happened less than a dozen times, is all that he remembers.