It seems the Brony craze is alive and well as its culture continues to fascinate and puzzle. It permeates art, music, films, and now fiction with the book, My Little Brony An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship, written by K.M. Hayes (no relation). The novel, which is written from the perspective of a high school boy struggling with social acceptance, brings the reader into the world of Bronies. The writer successfully gives a brief history of the movement while also portraying gender stereotypes and how they negatively influence the central character in both his family and social spheres. With the help of a quirky female classmate, the main character learns to embrace his love of My Little Pony ultimately resulting in a newfound self-confidence and positive outlook.

I feel that this book would be best suited for Young Adult readers and that it may speak to those who may have encountered similar struggles in their own lives and perhaps provide them with encouragement. In fact, shortly after completing this book, I sent my copy to a friend’s son to enjoy. My only criticism, is the use of strong language in one passage of the book. While, I understand the author’s choice to convey emotion, I feel that the book could have benefited from a wider audience without utilizing words that can be polarizing and would then have been an excellent candidate for school libraries or anti-bullying curriculum. Still, this novel was an enjoyable read and I feel that Bronies will appreciate the fictionalization of their shared experience.

Re-posted from the My Little Pony Collector blog with permission from Summer Hayes