We here at Priced Nostalgia have always thought of the Spring and Summer as flea market season, the dream season for collectors. As soon as the weather gets nice, we get giddy with the thought of digging through filthy bins to find that one item we have been searching for. But as we haggle for the best price, treasuring the trash of others, we want to be able to also help you to complete your collection this year.

In celebration of the fact that Amazon finally corrected the price on The She-Ra Collector’s Inventory, the Priced Nostalgia store is offering this price guide for $2 off the new Amazon price. We can only offer this deal for a limited number of copies, however, so make sure you act quick to grab your copy before we run out!

Not good enough? OK, fine. How about we also throw in The My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory for $0.50 off Amazon? Still not good enough? Hmm. OK, well then we’ll also ship it for free anywhere in the USA! That’s more value then you can shake a stick at! Again, we can only offer this deal for a limited number of copies so you’ll have to act quick.

Speaking of great discounts, there are only a few days left on Amazon’s insane $10 off the The G3 My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory. When we start to offer copies for sale, we will be offering them for the full retail of $29.99 so even we cannot offer you as good a deal as this! You’ll want to make sure you take advantage of this deal before it disappears which will be any day now!