For any of the bidders on this item, the listing was closed this morning very suddenly by eBay because we neglected to specifically mention in the auction that the disks we were selling are authentic. (They are 100% authentic and are in no way copies or reproductions of any kind, we apparently were just at fault for not using those exact words in the listing). I apologize for any trouble this may have caused for those of you bidding. We did not realize that a listing could be terminated for not having those exact words in the listing and are working with eBay to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We know that eBay’s messages to buyers are often extremely cryptic so we wanted to make sure the former bidders on this item were informed of what happened. Unfortunately, we can no longer access your individual contact info to email you each personally so we hope that you will see this message.

We were selling this item specifically for a Trading Assistant client, so, because of the delay this eBay mix-up has caused, we thought the best way to resolve this would be to still give those of you that were bidding on the item a final chance on it in a first come, first serve scenario since we don’t know how long it will take for eBay to reinstate the original listing.

If you are still interested in this item, you can buy this set of disks now below. As always, you will be 100% protected by PayPal’s Buyer’s Protection Program just as you would be if you purchased this item on eBay, the only difference is that there is no waiting for the auction to end. Once this set has been purchased, we will remove the purchase link and then we will not relist it on eBay. If eBay sorts this issue out before someone snags this set, then we will change the link below to the new auction. As long as the link below is still up, you still have the option to buy this set here.

Here is the full original item description with the required words added:

This lot is for an 8 CD set of BMW On-Board Navigation Systems CD disks. All are unused. The retail of these is several hundreds dollars so you are getting a great deal. This set is 100% authentic and is not a copy or reproduction.

Included are:

  1. 2005-2 California and Nevada

  2. 2005-2 Northwest and Southwest

  3. 2005-2 North Central

  4. 2005-2 South Central

  5. 2005-2 Midwest and Ohio Valley

  6. 2001.2 New England and Mid Atlantic

  7. 2005-2 South East

  8. 2005-2 Canada 

This item has sold! Thank you very much! 

Again, we do apologize for any trouble this might have caused and thank you for your understanding.