With the US dollar weak right now, international sales have been heating up all over eBay. But sometimes shipping costs can be a real drag.

For buyers interested in The My Little Pony G3 Collector’s Inventory, Priced Nostalgia is trying a little experiment for our international buyers. We are offering free shipping on this title anywhere in the world in one special listing for a limited number of copies.

We did some quick price comparison for you and, for buyers in Europe (UK in particular), Asia or Australia, this listing is actually cheaper than you could get the book even from the big stores that offer free shipping like Amazon. So if you were waiting for the right time to pick up your copy, now looks like the time!

(Please note that buyers in the US, Mexico and Canada may find that the normal listings are still the best value for them.)

Because this is a new thing for us, we are only offering this deal here and only for a very limited number of copies so if you want one, you’ll have to be quick. However, if it does well, we hope to expand to include other items. Is there a particular Priced Nostalgia Press book that you would like to see us set up something like this for? Let us know and we will set up a custom buy it now for you!