As any MLP collector knows, pony prices can get a little crazy around this time of year. Well Priced Nostalgia is putting a stop to the madness. We are pleased to offer 120 My Little Pony listings, all for only 1 penny and no reserve! We are starting our listings low to keep the final price low for you. We call it the Penny Pony Sale.

As always, we are keeping our shipping as cheap as possible and also offering discounts for the more you buy. We will always work with the winning bidder to find the best shipping option for their needs.

That means that you will only pay the shipping costs and a cent or two on each of these MLP items including hard to find items like a Mint on Card Colorswirl Lovebeam (one of the last G1 ponies ever made) and a MOC Blue Belle (one of the first G1 ponies ever made) all for just a penny. In addition, you’ll also find not only some of your favorites like So Soft, Twinkle Eyes, and Beddy Bye Eyed ponies, but also hard to find mail orders, all for still only 1 penny! Are we crazy? We must be!

If you take a look in our store right now, you’ll see about 120 MLP listings with more coming later in the week. If you haven’t already, make sure that you subscribe to our new listing notification so you don’t miss any of the newly listed MLP items.

With this many ponies listed all at once, it can be easy to get confused. If you have never used eBay’s free Bid Assistant, now is the time to try it. Just pick the Penny Pony listings that you are interested in, put in your max bid and then forget about them. Bid Assistant will bid (and even snipe) for you and you don’t have to worry about forgetting which day which pony listing ends. It’s a free tool that can be a great cure for the disappointment of realizing that you let your grail pony go for only 1 penny because you forgot to bid!