If the news of a live action TMNT movie made you excited or filled you with horror, we have some news. See, as we originally posted, TMNT creator Kevin Eastman leaked the news that they were working on a live action TMNT movie. However, as any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan knows, Eastman sold out his half of the characters to Peter Laird some time ago so the fact that he had made this announcement was a little fishy.

Well, Steve Murphy and Peter Laird took to the internet to call these rumors complete nonsense and then Eastman appologized. While their statements speak to the tension between the two TMNT creators, Peter Laird did do a great interview with MTV about some TMNT projects that are actually happening.

Some highlights from the interview include the promise that they will NOT be making a live action movie (with turtles in costumes) so the internet community can relax on that count.

Another interesting part is that Laird would love to cast the voices of Casey Jones and April O’Neil (Chris Evans and Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Buffy) as the live action versions of these roles which could be really interesting.

TMNT fans will definitely want to give the whole review a read here.