While chances are good that you have already heard this news, we wanted to give buyers a quick reminder that after September 16, 2008, money orders and checks will no longer be accepted on eBay as a method of payment. This is not our policy, but rather a new requirement set forth by eBay so the same goes for not only us, but all of eBay, no matter what you are purchasing.

While Priced Nostalgia hasn’t accepted checks in years, some of our loyal buyers do still regularly pay with money order so we wanted to get the word out. If you are about to pay for an outstanding listing of ours with a money order right now, no problem! We will still accept money orders for outstanding listings so make sure to get your bids or purchases in now while we can still take a mail payment.

If you have only ever used mailed payments and are wary of PayPal, take a look at the following list. PayPal is not only very safe but can also save you money order money orders and checks.

The advantages of sending a payment by PayPal instead of money order or check are. . . .

  • You, the buyer, pay no fees. Unlike a money order which can cost up to $2 in some places, PayPal payments are free to send.
  • Payment is instant for most funding types. The sooner the seller gets your money, the sooner they ship out your item.
  • No need to go to the post office, grocery store or other location to purchase a money order.
  • No need to share your financial information by giving your account number to a complete stranger on a check.
  • No cost of a stamp!

Also, keep in mind, you can still send a check through PayPal. These echecks work just like a regular check but without the cost of mailing a stamp!

Any questions, please post below. . .