Today I was reminded about what a gift it is to have the passion of a
collector. Whether you collect art, vintage Hollywood, sports or comic
books, we Collectors know we always have a “special place” we can go
when the world seems so dark, depressed and doomed. Over the past week
(or several months come to think of it) I find the media to be a
reliable source of misery. I would never have believed that CNN and Fox
news would become my last choice for evening Television. Yet, not even
the persistent, gloomy economic and political news can dampen the
excitement of collecting. That’s what makes collecting more then just a
hobby. It’s an escape to a better, healthier state of mind. To me that
is priceless. I call it “the Collector High”. It ‘s unfortunate there
are so many good folks that have no “better place” to go to as these
ominous clouds shower us with this temporary dismal and pessimistic
economic storm. -from Kevin Conway

Just a little thought for the day.