The UK My Little Pony convention and pony collectors will be dismayed (but not surprised) to learn that mainstream media is only interested in reporting on pony collectors as freaks.

Scientist? Banker? My Little Pony fanatic?
This article is particularly bad and includes such hard hitting reporting as “The first generation comprised six characters, named collectively as the Earth Ponies” which is of course, not even close to resembling the truth. If you really want to know about the first generation of MLP, you may want to put up a copy of this. With standards like this, you too can be a journalist! Watch: “People who collect ponies collect them because they are made of lollipops and taste like honey glazed ham!” See! We reported it so now its true, no need for research or facts!

The 2008 international My Little Pony Convention, known as UK Ponycon 2008