Here is a neat little trick from us to you this holiday season.

eBay is running a promotion with Microsoft Live Search that gives you a percentage off anything you order via Fixed Price or Buy It Now from eBay when you pay via PayPal. You can read eBay’s take on how it works here but we are going to explain it ourselves in a minute.

First, create an account on Live Search.

You search for something on Let’s say we search for My Little Pony, for example. The results would look like this (open the sample results in a new window). At the very top of the page, there is a link for with a gold coin logo next to it that says Live Search Cashback. Click this link and you will be on eBay with a coupon to burn!

This works for anything, no matter what collectible or other items you search for so have some fun with it!

Now you can shop around for the Buy It Now item of your choice and you will get a rebate once the transaction is complete. Today the discount is 8% and a few days ago it was 35% so you can have fun with saving on what you really want.

Of course, we’d appreciate if you use your discount to buy something from us!