After the release of the lovely Blue and Black Art Pony of last year, collectors have eagerly anticipated the next ponies in Hasbro’s collector series. Instead of one new edition, they gave us two new art ponies.

In cool greens and blues, the Underwater Art Pony has fish all over her body and strange, fish-like eyes.

With wild designs that Any Warhol would be proud of, the orange Pop Art Pony looks like an addition to the Comic Con Superhero pony line.

Pre-orders just started for these items with each priced at only $12.99. The ponies will both be released on May 22nd, 2009.

The original Blue and Black Art Pony was only available for a limited time before it sold out so collectors should make sure to get their purchases in now before there are none left.

To place your pre-order with Hasbro directly, you can do so here.
If you cannot order from Hasbro Toy Shop for whatever reason or if you are looking for the original Art Pony, you may want to try looking on eBay.