This story is a few weeks old but I missed it and I am sure some of you did as well so I figured it would post it anyway.

Jamie Oliver, best known as TV’s The Naked Chef, just named his most recent daughter (born on April 3rd, 2009) Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver. Never mind how incredibly awesome this name is, the bigger question is why aren’t Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo, the names of his other two daughters, also My Little Pony names?

So my question for the community at large is, if you were going to name your child after a My Little Pony, which one would you name it after?

Secondly, if there were ponies named Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo, what would they look like?

Oh and if you don’t remember what the MLP Petal Blossom looked like in the first place, there were actually two Petal Blossoms, one was a G2 and one was a G3. Both, oddly enough, were purple with pink hair. Look at both Petal Blossom versions here to jog your memory.