There are several different acronyms used online (especially on sites like eBay) to denote that a collectible item, such as a My Little Pony, is still in their original package. The most popular are:

  • NRFB – Never Removed From Box
  • MIB – Mint in Box
  • MOC – Mint on Card
  • NWT – New with Tags (mostly used for clothing or dolls that did not come in packaging)
  • NIP – New in Package (this term is newer than the rest and is only recently coming into popularity)

There are also a wide variety of mash-ups of the terms above where the user tries to jam two of the acronyms above together so you get things like NRFC (Never Removed From Card), MIC (Mint in Card) or NWOT (New WithOut Tags). You will also sometimes see things like NMIB which means that the item is Near or Not Mint in Box.

As a buyer, you don’t want to actually put these terms into your search because there is a such a wide variety of ways people use these but it is helpful to know what they stand form when you encounter them. As always, make sure that you read the seller’s description fully before buying as their title may not agree with their description.

As a seller, when deciding which one to use in your description, go for the most commonly used term for your sort of item.