So this list of My Little Pony Superhero customs got me thinking: if Hasbro were to make official Superhero MLP figures, what characters would they do first?

I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter and got a few answers to get us started. (If you tweeted an answer but didn’t send it as an @ reply I may have missed it so please feel free to add it below).

From Twitter:
Def Captain America Pony, says @RobotsPJs
SPIDERMANN! =]] shouts @OhWowitssloane

From our Facebook Page:
Sarah Carter wants Batman Villain, Poison Ivy and Heather Fredrickson votes for Captain Underpants

I also voted for Swift Wind which I understand could never ever happen as they are rival toy companies but a girl can dream!

So what official MLP superhero would you most like to see? You can weigh in below.

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