While the 1980s had those plastic mask costumes (which I weirdly cannot find a picture of anywhere, what’s the deal with that internet?), Hasbro has yet to come out with an official My Little Pony costume for the generation of ponies currently in stores.

However, that would never stop pony fans of all ages from dressing up as an MLP for Halloween! Some intrepid and crafty people have created costumes themselves and are selling them only. I’ve complied a small gallery below of some I liked.

While the ones on eBay are trying to be more like official My Little Pony figures, if you don’t mind modifying what you buy a bit, there are a wide variety of Unicorn costumes for children and adults alike. Just sew a symbol or cutie mark on and suddenly you have your very own My Little Pony costume.

Don’t have time or the cash to buy a costume? Make your own My Little Pony costume! Here are three homemade My Little Pony costumes to give you inspiration.

Have you dressed up as an MLP character for Halloween? Please share your pictures with us below!