Everyone knows that Barbie is the coolest big sister ever, but she wasn’t the only kid in the family. She’s had quite a few siblings over the years so let’s see how many you remembered.

This is the one that probably popped into your head first as Skipper is the oldest of the Barbie sisters. Debuting in 1964, Skipper has more or less been around since then with many outfits and friends designed just for her.

This was probably the next one that jumped into your head because she’s still in stores today. This elementary school aged sister is still very popular with her own friends and playsets.

You think your siblings gave you a hard time, what about poor Todd, the lone Barbie brother? He’s dropped in and out of the toy line over the years, usually only popping up for big events like Midge’s wedding but he’s still a part of the family.

The baby of the family, this infant is usually featured in Barbie playsets letting her play mommy without actually having a child.

Tutti was Todd’s twin sister but when her name changed to Stacie, Todd was demoted to just “brother.” Elementary school aged, you don’t see much of her with either of her names these days but maybe that’s for the best.

But now, the big question. Which Barbie brother or sister was your favorite?